Water Resources Strategic Area

Alberta Innovates  Energy and Environment has four strategic focus areas: energy technologies, renewable and emerging resources, environmental management and water resources (the former Alberta Water Research Institute).

Strategic priorities around water resources programming are aimed at ensuring the long term safety, quality and sustainability of Alberta’s water. As both a leader and facilitator of knowledge, Water Resources seeks the best solutions and funds leading edge research in support of Alberta’s provincial water strategy, Water for Life: A Strategy for Sustainability.

Our water resources strategies revolve around the concept that Alberta should be a place where ideas flow – at all levels and in all ways, in order to seize every possible opportunity to incorporate and advance science, water management and public policy decision-making around the goals and objectives of Water for Life, whose goals include:

Safe, secure drinking water supply
Healthy aquatic ecosystems
Reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy

Our scope is not limited by geographic boundaries. We seek out researchers, partners, collaborators, opinion and thought leaders, and information provincially, regionally, nationally and internationally to advance and sustain Alberta’s ability to realize its Water for Life outcomes and to assure that Alberta has a strong, progressive and integrated water research capability.